Blackshift 2.1.14 Released

I'm trying out Itch's devlog feature for the first time. Updates will still get posted to my own devlog as well.

With this update I've reached my goal of having 100 levels (and definitely not any secret levels, no sir). Other than that, the main additions for this update are:

Poison gas

Messes up your controls and stops you from using items. You can use explosions to get rid of it.

Mimic Robots

These guys will move whenever you do, in the same direction. I took a video of them in action.

Other Stuff

I'm getting dangerously close to being able to take the “beta” and “early access” labels off this game. Just need to fix up a few of the more placeholder-y graphics, tweak some levels, fix some bugs, and do a trailer. I should probably commission some more music, too.

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