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Now that it's on Steam...

Purchase comes with a Steam Key, but what if I bought it *before* it was on Steam? Can I still get a Steam Key for it, and how?

Yes! Your Steam key should be available from your purchase page.


I am SOOO looking forward to getting stuck into Blackshift 2, but I want to wait until it's the finished product :D  LOVED the first one 10 years ago and I've just completed it agian for my new YouTube channel - here's the complete series, if you're interested: (spoilers!)

Great videos, and well done for sticking it out through some of the nastier levels. I'd forgotten how truly mean the original Blackshift was at times.

This new version should be just as tricky, but a lot less vindictive. I'm looking forward to seeing what you make of it!

I've been playing Blackshift for a while now (and love it!), both the original version years ago and now the new version. However, I've been stuck on Level 57 for MONTHS and am at my wits end.  Either I'm an idiot or there's a bug.  What am I missing?

I've just had a play through and it is possible — which bit are you stuck on?

There doesn't seem to be a way to reopen the green gates once you get into the far left room at the beginning and there doesn't seem to be a way to get into it without making the green gates close.

True, but what if they closed before they opened?


And yay... after 15 years I *finally* beat level 100 of the original Blackshift v 1.24!

Well done! That thing's a beast.

No kidding!! But it's such a satisfying solution once you get it.  Well done jle!  Really hoping the Blackshift 2 finale is equally epic! :D


Woah there, didn't realise there was still development on this. I have an old version, version 1.24 it calls itself - when the game was a free download and it still works just fine on my current Windows 10 computer. Trouble is I've forgotten how I managed to beat some of the levels (and I never *did* manage to beat level 100) and am currently stuck on level 82. I remember there used to be a video of a full playthrough but it seems to have disappeared...

Anyway, is the "classic" version of the game available in this game as a set of levels? If not, is there a reason that it couldn't be, or could the old levels still be made with the new engine?

It's not something I have planned, but it would be possible to remake the old levels in the level editor. Some of them would need some changes, because a couple of items are missing or work differently, but I reckon you could get pretty close.

One thing I've noticed is the different behaviour of keys and locks, like one key = one lock and you take the key to the individual lock. Rather than taking a key to one lock in one place, and it opens all the white doors in the level at once (and there are sometimes other things that can close them all again).


Please release this game on steam.


I came across Blackshift randomly -- I was researching scene graphs and your devlog turned up. This game looks interesting (and I absolutely LOVED Chip's Challenge). Any plans for a Linux release?

I'd love to release for Linux, and I have already started work on a port. It's a difficult platform to port games to, but I'll get there :)

Sweet! I supposed I could also download it onto a Windows laptop heh. But my primary lappy runs Linux

It worked perfectly on linux with a wineprefix 64bit and with Windows 7 set as windows version.

In the game choose Opengl and enjoy ! :)

Sweet! I'll try it out!

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Loving the game so far. Really takes me back to the days of Sokoban and Chip's Challenge.

Would it be too much to ask to have the level editor available in offline mode? I assume unpublished levels are saved locally, anyway. My internet hiccups a lot and it would be great to work on and playtest levels while I'm not connected.

Tricky, but I'll see what I can do.

As of version 2.2.0, the editor is now available in offline mode.


Hi Robin,

I just baught the beta (2016-04-07).

Congrats ! It really feels like the good old version 1.24 Blackshift.

One problem: I understand you may need internet connection during beta testing for telemetry, but please make it stand alone once out of beta. Internet is no safe place for kids and there is no reasons a game could not be playable offline, at least for single players.

(By the way I didn't noticed the old Blackshift from the XP times failed in Windows 10. Last time I checked I was under Windows 7 x64and it worked great. Good idea to rewrite it for modern OSes)

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Hi, thanks for buying!

I've been planning an Offline Mode for a while now. Thanks for letting me know you need it — I'll make sure it gets added within the next couple of updates.

Enjoy Blackshift


Hey, just to let you know — the latest Alpha version now contains an option for offline mode.